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Appearance customization kit “Hiderigami”


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This pack includes

  • Appearance customization kit “Hiderigami”

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CK “Hiderigami”

This appearance is the embodiment of an evil spirit that can conjure droughts. It's hard to escape from Hiderigami... but when you see it, it's the only thing on your mind.

The unknown craftsman, who became famous for tweaking cabins, took up weapons this time. As usual, the original can be guessed in the outlines, but the guns look very different. Several enterprising Engineers have been trying to uncover the mystery of the craftsman for a very long time, but the vendor remains silent, and other attempts lead to a dead end. The latest informant claims that the craftsman lives somewhere far to the east — in the lands of the Brotherhood, and maybe even further away. It seems that the search for the mysterious artisan will have to be postponed again.

Changes appearance of the melee weapon. The customized item cannot be traded. Only one CK can be applied to an item.

  • Available for Linux, Windows and Mac only. You can't activate this item for the PSN-account.

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