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Premium and Battle Pass

Crossout — Premium subscription for 7 days


Attention! Before effecting the payment, please make sure that you have logged onto Gaijin.Net Store under the account for which you want to acquire the content.

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This pack includes

  • Valid for 7 days from the date of purchase.
  • Increases reputation gain by 50%.
  • Unlocks a daily challenge for 40 coins.
  • Extends resource limit by 50%.
  • The pack can be purchased any number of times without restrictions.
  • When buying multiple packs, the activation time stacks!

Please note that some payment methods can affect the final purchase price. To see the final price, please click on desired payment option. By making the payment you accept and agree to our Terms of Use.

Additionally increases:

  • The amount of scrap metal earned in Missions and Patrol by 50%;
  • The amount of wires and batteries earned in their respective Missions by 50%;
  • The amount of copper, electronics and plastic earned in Raids by 50%;
  • The amount of uranium ore received for victories in Clan Battles by 50%, if your clan is in a league from bronze to diamond.

Attention! The Premium subscription's active time is counted from the moment of purchase and does not stop in the following cases:

  • if you do not log into Crossout;
  • if you log into Crossout but do not participate in battles;
  • during routine maintenance (with certain exceptions).

Note! Available only for Windows. You can't activate this item for the PSN or Xbox Live account.

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