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Crossout - "Fresh Blood" Pack


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This pack includes

  • Unique tracked armoured vehicle “Risen“;
  • Weapons: unique epic “Elephant” cannon;
  • Unique portrait “Mateusz Uzarsky”;
  • Paint can “Forest Camo”;
  • Unique decor “Tactical log”;
  • 1500 in-game coins.

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Additionally, the player gets:
  • A set of unique stickers;
  • Unique cabin “Carapace”;
  • Tracks of epic rarity “Armoured tracks” 2 pcs.
  • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 55.
Fresh Blood

People sharing the same idea are often attracted to each other. That's what happened with Mateusz too. As a boy, he befriended complex mechanisms, disassembled them without instructions and put them back together from memory. When the world began to spin in a new way, he ran away from the military school to watch the world. From one of the vagabonds like him, he learned about Fyodor, the tank ace. After a long search, it turned out that the old man had a bad temper and he took no students. But Mateusz's will was stronger.

Year after year, Mateusz learned to handle heavy machinery, and the Tankman learned to communicate with people. He kept going away on more and more dangerous missions and raids. And when he was surrounded, he defended the hill next to the Fortress alone. For a couple of days, he patched up and upgraded Fyodor's faithful tank — the “Risen”, and he did not give up the position. Then Fyodor realized that the replacement was ready, and retired to Blood Rocks. And Mateusz rebuilt his tank, upgraded the design, brought a tower cannon from the reserves of Scar AB himself and came up with a camo scheme. This is how a generation changed on the dusty roads of the Wasteland. Old ideas with new strength. New weapons with the old spirit.

  • Unique vehicles presented in bundles have particularly well-balanced weapons, high armor quality and speed in combat. To place the vehicle to your garage, open blueprints menu (B key), switch to Packs tab, pick the vehicle and press "Load".

  • After purchasing this pack the number of parts that can be used to create a machine rises to 55.

  • Purchasing a pack now additionally gives the player early access to some structural faction parts. These parts will become available immediately upon purchase and are not re-issued once the corresponding reputation level is reached. For some parts you can only have one set of them on the account. When purchasing multiple packs with same parts they do not stack!

  • Unique portraits are a great opportunity to stand out among the survivors.

  • Paint cans are great for making your cars look truly outstanding

  • Coins - is an in-game currency, which is used to buy vehicle parts from other users in the market and to pay the rent for the workbench to produce new parts. Note! If you purchase several packs, coins included in them stack!

    Note! Available only for Windows.
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