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Crossout - "Spectral Hunter" Pack


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This pack includes

  • Unique armored car: Beater;
  • Unique weapon: epic minelayer Kapkan;
  • Additional weapons: three powerful ‘Sledgehammer’ shotguns;
  • Unique cabin: Ghost; hero portrait: Wolfhound;
  • Unique paint can: Misty Marshes; sticker: Hunger;
  • 2650 in-game coins.

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When life gets hard, call Wolfhound. For this mercenary, burnt by all the fires of the Wasteland, there is never too much dirty work, only inadequate payment. His services are usually resorted to by the most desperate. And yet nobody knows who they should be afraid of anymore: their problems or the intractable mercenary.

Wolfhound's personality is shrouded in mystery, like a swamp — with fog. He never takes off his helmet, and none of the customers saw his armored car. But everyone heard the hungry roar of the engine in the night and the bloodcurdling screech of the wheels. Many arrogant drivers tried to find him, but nobody succeeded, if the Wolfhound did not want to appear himself.

Therefore, inhabitants of the Valley are convinced that his car leaves no tracks. Which, of course, is not so. The truth is that the ‘Beater’ places traps, patiently waits in stealth and furiously attacks the reckless victims who were unlucky enough to wander into his ambush. Therefore, you can be sure that this mercenary will take your terrible secret with him to the grave, and no one will ever know about it. Besides himself...

Unique cabin: Ghost. Once this cabin belonged to a helicopter and was high in the sky. It's just as hard to believe, as the fact that TVs kill people. However, all of this is true. Gives 12 energy pts. Weapon damage increases while the vehicle is in stealth. The bonus is reset after 5 seconds.

Unique weapon: epic minelayer ‘Kapkan’. Places mines, that shoot harpoons at enemies in range.

  • Unique vehicles presented in bundles have particularly well-balanced weapons, high armor quality and speed in combat. To place the vehicle to your garage, open blueprints menu, switch to Packs tab, pick the vehicle and press "Load".

  • When you purchase this pack, the number of parts that can be used to build a vehicle increases. Attention! Storage overflow is possible under certain conditions.

  • Purchasing a pack now additionally gives the player early access to some structural faction parts. These parts will become available immediately upon purchase and are not re-issued once the corresponding reputation level is reached. For some parts you can only have one set of them on the account. When purchasing multiple packs with same parts they do not stack!

  • Unique portraits are a great opportunity to stand out among the survivors.

  • Paint cans are great for making your cars look truly outstanding

  • Coins - is an in-game currency, which is used to buy vehicle parts from other users in the market and to pay the rent for the workbench to produce new parts. Note! If you purchase several packs, coins included in them stack!

    Note! Available only for Windows. You can't activate this item for the PSN or Xbox Live account.
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