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Elite Pilot bundle

Bundle  -30%

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This bundle includes

  • Star Conflict — Wasp;
  • Star Conflict — Priest Bartle;
  • Star Conflict — Dragonfly;
  • Star Conflict — Bear;
  • Star Conflict — Elite Pilot bundle bonus.

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This pack includes

  • Unique Empire interceptor ‘Wasp’ 6 rank;
  • ‘Money Bag’ 5000 Galactic Standards.
  • Unique frigate ‘Priest Bartle’ (Rank 6, Jericho);
  • ‘Money Bag’ 5000 Galactic Standards.
  • Unique fighter ‘Dragonfly’ (Rank 9 Jericho);
  • ‘Money Bag’ 7500 Galactic Standards.
  • Unique rank 9 Federation fighter ‘Bear’;
  • ‘Money Bag’ 7500 Galactic Standards.
Star Conflict — Elite Pilot Bundle Bonus
  • Permanent 10% bonus to credits and synergy gain;
  • "Personal Storage" Get the maximum warehouse space for modules and weapons;
  • "Elite stickers" Collection of 10 luxury stickers for your ships;
  • Unique patterns "Titan" and "Cerberus".

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