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Enlisted - Starter Pack


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This pack includes

  • USSR "Assaulter" class soldier for "Battle of Moscow" campaign + PPD 34/38 (box);
  • German "Assaulter" class soldier for "Battle of Moscow" campaign + MP 28;
  • US "Assaulter" class soldier for "Invasion of Normandy" campaign + M3 Submachine Gun;
  • German "Assaulter" class soldier for "Invasion of Normandy" campaign + MP 34(o);
  • 300 Gold;
  • 3 days of Premium-account.

Please note that some payment methods can affect the final purchase price. To see the final price, please click on desired payment option. By making the payment you accept and agree to Gaijin.Net Store Policy. You acknowledge and agree that after the purchase is made, the digital content immediately deposits to your account and, therefore, the access to the digital content begins with your prior consent. To the extent permitted by applicable law, any purchased digital content cannot be refunded, and you cannot withdraw from your purchase as soon as the content becomes available in your account.

A premium account provides:

  • + 100% to army experience gain;
  • + 100% to squad experience gain;
  • + 100% to soldier experience gain;
  • +1 to the maximum number of infantry squads in the battle;
  • +1 to the maximum number of squads with vehicles in the battle;
  • Accelerated training of soldiers at the Academy;
  • The ability to keep more soldiers in reserve.

Enlisted Gold - a premium currency, which can be spent in-game on Premium account, soldiers and weaponry, soldier training, squad and campaign level-up etc.

Note, that you can use the "Assaulter" squad soldiers on the second level of the corresponding campaign and add them into squads with available slots for this class.

  • This product is unavailable for purchase for PSN/Xbox Live accounts with linked email.

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