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Cook Books

Italian Weeks Season Kitchen Pass - Godfather's cookbook


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This pack includes

  • Godfather's cookbook, a kitchen pass for a first Cuisin Royale season - "Italian Weeks", which will allow you to get more rewards and level up faster!

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By purchasing the Godfather's cookbook you will immediately get:

  • A unique gesture that will instantly resolve any disagreements when shown!
  • A unique suit and mask;
  • +50% bonus to the experience you will receive in battles until the end of the season;
  • Additional weekly challenges.

You will also have the opportunity to create more than 50 items to the recipes from the book:

  • 26 sprays;
  • 17 boxer shorts;
  • 12 masks;
  • 7 suites;
  • 7 cameramans;
  • 7 tombstones;
  • 4 gestures.

And that's not all!

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