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Mercenary Pack — Soldier of Fortune


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This pack includes

  • 3500 Galactic Standards;
  • A permament +10% loyalty gain bonus;
  • Premium-sized warehouse for modules and weapons;
  • Grants an additional trophy search attempt after battles;
  • Unique patterns ‘Titan’ and ‘Cerberus’;
  • Title ‘Mercenary’.

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Galactic Standards — a special in-game currency that can be purchased for real money. With it, advancing in the game is made easier and more comfortable.

Loyalty is a game currency provided by factions for completing contracts. Accumulated loyalty vouchers can be spent on upgrading modules and weapons.
If you purchase multiple DLC, bonuses to credits, synergy and loyalty gain are added to each other. Together, they provide a greater bonus! Premium license time and Galactic Standards are also added!

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