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Platinum Gift Certificate


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This pack includes

  • After purchasing this product, your friend will receive the amount you have paid to his Gaijin.Net balance.

Please note that some payment methods can affect the final purchase price. To see the final price, please click on desired payment option. By making the payment you accept and agree to our Terms of Use.


Purchase of a Certificate is only possible if you and your friend have the option to replenish the Gaijin balance (you need to switch on the two-step authentication, as well as verify your e-mail) and you use the same payment currency. Click here to learn more details on how to enable and use the Gaijin.Net balance

Please note that the gift will be credited to the Recipient’s account only after his/her confirmation. If it was not confirmed in 30 days, the purchase will be credited to your account. While the gift was not confirmed by the Recipient you can change the Recipient or transfer the purchase to your own account in your Gaijin store profile.

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