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Star Conflict: Evolution Destroyer. VIP pack


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This pack includes

  • The basic configuration of the Ellydium destroyer “Ze'Ta”;
  • “Ellydium” destroyer weapon: “Kai” fission launcher 12 Mk.4 ;
  • “Ellydium” destroyer weapon: “Kai” fission launcher 17 Mk.4 ;
  • Active module Swarm control 14 Mk.4 ;
  • Active module Swarm control 17 Mk.4 ;
  • Stickers: “Ellydium corporation”, “Crystal DNA”, “Ellydium skull” ;
  • Additional bonuses!
  • + 10,000 galactic standards!

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Attention! All the ships included in the packs are delivered assembled. Re-equipment is possible for in-game currency.
Ellydium destroyer “Ze'Ta”

Corporation “Ellydium” proudly presents its main achievement — the latest destroyer, built by scientists at the station “Ellydium Theta”. The ship was designed using the latest advances in the development of crystalline technology. Incredible offensive and defensive power make the destroyer any team's trump card in any battle. The vessel can provide fire support in both offensive and defensive operations.

The ship's unique feature is a remotely controlled special crystalline swarm, created under the personal guidance of doctors Matthew Gilmore and Conrad Dimeni.

This is a true weapon of retribution! Mankind's sword of vengeance, forged by employees of the corporation “Ellydium”!

Currently, the ship is available for ranks 9-11.

Additionally, the pilot receives:
  • Active destroyer module “Photon emitter” 13 Mk.4 ;
  • Active destroyer module “Photon emitter” 17 Mk.4 ;
  • Active destroyer module “Gravitational lens” 14 Mk.4;
  • Active destroyer module “Gravitational Lens” 17 Mk.4;
  • Active destroyer module “Pyro Emitter” 14 Mk.4 ;
  • Active destroyer module “Teleportation sphere” 13 Mk.4 ;
  • Active destroyer module “Signal router” 13 Mk.4 ;
  • Destroyer kinetic weapon “Coilgun” 14 Mk.5 ;
  • Destroyer kinetic weapon “Coilgun” 17 Mk.5 ;
  • Destroyer EM weapon “G'Thar'Du Cannon”13 Mk.5 ;
  • Destroyer EM weapon “G'Thar'Du Cannon” 17 Mk.5 ;

A special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — 10,000 galactic standards!

Galactic Standards is a special in-game currency that can be purchased with real money. With its help, your progress in the game will be easier and more comfortable.

If you purchase multiple DLC, bonuses to credits and synergy are stacked. Together they give a bigger bonus! Premium license time and Galactic Standards are also stacked!

You save your time and go straight into battle!

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