Star Conflict - Confessor
Jericho cover frigate “Confessor”

The first ships of this type were seen in 4622 in the Solaris system under the banners of the Raid. The frigates weren’t responding to the contact requests, but they weren’t attacking first as well. A group of mercenaries attacked a lone ship on a dare. The attack failed: they couldn’t break the ship’s shield and in the course of counterattack the frigate destroyed the majority of the attackers, forcing them to retreat.

According to their stories, the ship’s pilot contacted them during the battle and offered to confess before dying. Because of this, the frigate was codenamed “Confessor”, and this name stuck with it after the first official publications about the ship. Shortly thereafter, the UMC was contacted by old Jericho contacts who offered to hand over a small batch of these frigates to the mercenaries in exchange for certain information. Whether this is true or not remains unknown.

At the moment, a small circle of the UMC pilots close to the Mendes family did get their own ships, but they are in no rush to get in touch and provide details. It is only known that the control systems of “Confessor” are extremely difficult to operate, which makes them almost impossible to use without special implants. According to rumours, the UMC is working on adapting the systems to the needs of ordinary pilots, but there has been no visible success.

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This pack includes
  • Jericho rank 16 cover frigate “Confessor”
  • Active module “Front pyro emitter”
  • Weapon “Sonex spear”
  • Unique portrait «Lazarus the Preacher»
  • Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!
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