Star Conflict - Cutter
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Jericho covert ops interceptor “Cutter”

An independent development of Technologists. After careful study of the ships “Sawtooth” and “Blood Tormentor”, a smaller prototype of a reinforced cooler was recreated, which was installed on a sufficiently powerful and small engine. In 4622 the ship was enhanced. Its special module was significantly modified.

The result exceeded all expectations. Weapons of “Cutter” eat through energy reserves at a tremendous speed, often unavailable to similar interceptors. At the whim of the developers, the design of the ship was very aggressive and defiant. The first pilots to encounter “Cutter” were so surprised by the interceptor’s appearance that after the battle they claimed they were attacked by space insects.

Currently, a massive Cutter fleet is in service with the Enclave, and UMC engineers are producing weakened versions due to the lack of complete information about the ship. Attempts to capture the pirate version of the ship ended in failures and the total destruction of the capture team.

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This pack includes
  • Jericho rank 12 covert ops interceptor “Cutter”
  • Unique portrait “Harlock”
  • Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!
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Average rating
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