Star Conflict - Empire destroyer "Vigilant"
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A fine example of Imperial shipbuilding, the Vigilant destroyer was designed by order of the Inquisition, as a response to the sharply increased activity of the Revenant cult. The project was personally overseen by a special agent Miranda del Arte. The Inquisition is well acquainted with the activities of the order. The two organizations that have undergone tremendous metamorphosis since then have confronted each other in the days of the old Direktorium. Despite the initially narrow specification, the Vigilant turned out to be a multipurpose combat vehicle. Soon it was put into service, and the blueprints submitted to the UMC.

Unique destroyer weapon - Vacuum resonance laser.

When the beam is held on the target for more than 0.5 s., all other enemies within a radius of 500 meters receive additional damage for 5 seconds.

Unique destroyer module “Remote minelayer”.

Launches a self-propelled mine, activated upon impact or by timer. After activation, the mine is invisible. It is triggered if the target moves away from it within a detonation radius of 500 m., or after 120 s.

CPU modifier ”Vulnerability Detector”.

Reduces the resistance to damage of all enemies within a radius of 2200 m. You can install only one modifier of this type.

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This pack includes
  • Vigilant destroyer (Empire, rank 14)
  • Unique destroyer weapon - Vacuum resonance laser
  • Unique destroyer module - “Remote minelayer”
  • CPU modifier ”Vulnerability Detector”
  • Active modules: “Photon emitter”, “Gravitational lens”
  • “Iceberg” colouring scheme
  • Premium license for 7 days
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Average rating
5 with 3 votes
You can rate this product only if you own it