Star Conflict - Federation destroyer «Sirius»

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The first “people's destroyer” Sirius was developed and created during the mega-popular show “The Shipyard”, whose rating broke all records. For half a year, thirty engineers fought for the right to be called the “King of the Shipyard”, and the outcome of their battle was decided by the audience vote.

The army leadership did not initially believe in the success of the project, but gave permission to use one of its shipyards when the producers collected the required amount on the crowdfunding platform. To everyone's surprise, Sirius turned out to be not only a high-quality, powerful and reliable machine, but at the same time — relatively inexpensive to manufacture. After the end of the show, Sirius was put into service, and its blueprints were transferred to the UMC.

Unique destroyer module ”Destabilizing field”.

Launches a projectile, dealing damage to ships and destabilizing the engine. If the target flies at a speed higher than 30% of max., it receives additional damage.

Engine modifier “Augmented cooler”.

The engine cooling system additionally cools the weapons.

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Discount 50%
This pack includes
  • Sirius destroyer (Federation, rank 14)
  • Unique destroyer module ”Destabilizing field”
  • Engine modifier “Augmented cooler”
  • Active modules “Photon emitter”, “Gravitational lens”, “Tempest launcher”
  • “Liquid metal” colouring scheme
  • Premium license for 7 days
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4.67 with 3 votes
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Average rating
4.67 with 3 votes
You can rate this product only if you own it