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The development of Razor began in 4598 at the Bosco Family shipyards. The new fighter ship was the first to include powerful synoptic conductors, with a neural matrix in the center. Advanced protocols allow the pilot to make a connection with the ship in a few seconds, and this link between a man and the ship is so strong that when the ship is damaged the pilot feels pain, even if he’s millions of kilometers away from the battlefield.

The Raid Command praised the promising development, and the fighters began to join the elite units. According to rumors, Razor pilots try not to expose their ship to enemy fire and are constantly improving their maneuvering skills. The Tackler has become a real hunter for pirate and Cyber ships.

The leadership of the Mendes Family provided the mercenaries with a version of “Razor” with limited functionality, so that the UMC pilots were also able to master this ship. And although piloting the fighter requires a lot of experience, mercenaries don’t have to be afraid of burning their brains out due to overloading.

Currently, all of the produced fighter ships are undergoing modifications designed by the Mendes engineers. The updated Razor received new control complexes and improved power supply system. The shields of the ship have also been significantly modified.

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This pack includes
  • Enhanced modification of the rank 15 ship “Razor”
  • Unique portrait “Naoki Morita”
  • Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!
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Average rating
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