Star Conflict - Sai (Deluxe Edition)
Interceptor “Sai”

The Cartel managed to get their hands on several units of the Superkite fighter. Pirate engineers spent a long time studying the design of the interceptor and later rebuilt it. This model was equipped with a microwarp engine and a powerful artisanal marching engine. Later, Sai was also equipped with a reinforced nose and a titanium blade, which made it famous as a miniature battering ram that could pierce fighter ships through.

Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • Permanent credit earnings bonus +10%
  • Pattern “Stamp of Nodens”
  • Stickers “Starship in a bottle” and “Whole world in our hands”

Additionally, the pilot receives a set of modules for the ship:

  • Weapon “RF Blaster”
  • Holoship
  • Phase modulator
  • Inhibitor crystal
  • Teleportation anchor
  • Catalyst injector
  • Vernier engines
  • Collision compensator
  • Emergency barrier
  • Power unit conduit
  • Adaptive shield
  • EM-diffuser
  • Crystal plates
  • “Duelist” protocol
  • When purchasing multiple DLCs, the time for premium licenses is cumulative.
  • Identical packages can not be activated on the same account twice!
  • Identical ships from different purchased bundles are not compensated!
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This pack includes
  • Improved version of the rank 17 recon interceptor “Sai”
  • Active module “Trampoline”
  • Unique portrait “Saurus”
  • Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 90 days!
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Average rating
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