Star Conflict - Shrike (Deluxe edition)

The prototypes of the first Salamander frigates were designed in 4623 by a group of engineers who had once left the “Outpost” shipyard and set up their own private enterprise. The “Blackwood” shipyard, known for its quality, was chosen as the production contractor.

The ship’s main feature is the use of numerous unique systems developed from scratch specifically for Salamander. The complex of this equipment seriously increases the engineering capabilities of the frigate. The outline of the ship captures the image of frigates of the past from the Federation civil war.

Like its ancestors, Salamander has excellent speed and mobility, which allows it to move quickly across the battlefield, without giving the enemy a chance to intercept it. And a special modification will seriously strengthen the ship’s shield and hull resistance at maximum speed.

Currently, the UMC has signed a contract to test a large batch of Salamander-class frigates. Every interested mercenary will be able to get the new ship for themselves and try it out in battle. There are rumours that the Armada representative office is already interested in the frigate, although they haven’t officially announced it.

Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • 10% bonus to credits gain for 90 days
  • “Predatory colour” pattern
  • “Monte spheres” decor

Additionally, the pilot receives the modules:

  • Unique modifier “Plasma summator”
  • Pulsar
  • Mass Propulsion Inhibitor
  • Emergency Shield Boost
  • Vernier Engines
  • Tetroxide Injector
  • Adaptation mechanism
  • EM-diffuser
  • Adaptive Shield
  • Crystal Plates
  • Reactive Armor
  • Reinforced Beams
  • When purchasing multiple DLCs, the time for premium licenses is cumulative.
  • Identical packages can not be activated on the same account twice!
  • Identical ships from different purchased bundles are not compensated!
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This pack includes
  • Rank 17 Federation cover frigate Shrike
  • Unique weapon Hybrid blaster “Alpha-N”
  • Active module “Universal repair module”
  • Unique portrait «Rahil “Coin” Weintraub portrait»
  • Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 90 days!
  • The owners of this pack will be given access to the closed alpha testing of a new online game with the working title “Project Void Space”
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