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Harbin Z-19E is an export modification of the Chinese Z-19 project. It differs from the original model by a wider use of the composite materials that makes it possible to reduce the maximum take-off weight of the vehicle, and also some improvements aimed at increasing piloting safety. The following options can be used in suspended weaponry: up to eight TY-90 guided air-to-air missiles, up to eight BA-9 guided air-to-surface missiles, up to seventy two Type 90-1 HEAT unguided rockets and also up to two 12.7 mm gun containers.

  • Helicopters have their own research tree, however they use the aviation crew skills;
  • In the Events menu there are special Helicopter battles and Tank Simulator Battles available. You can't use helicopters in any Air gamemodes.
  • In Tank Realistic battles you have to earn spawn points with ground vehicle first in order to use a helicopter with ATGMs from your line-up. Helicopters with unguided weaponry can be spawned in the beginning of the match.
  • In Tank Arcade battles, random helicopters are used in kill-streaks in high-BR matches. You will not earn research progress towards helicopters while using a streak.

Premium bonuses

All premium vehicles allow you to earn increased Research Points and Silver Lions and comes furnished with all available modifications.

Compensation is not provided if you purchase 2 different packs which include the same vehicle or you already have the vehicle from this pack! Available for Linux, Windows and Mac only. You can't activate this item for the PSN or Xbox Live account.

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This pack includes
  • Z-19E
  • 2000 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 15 days
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3.95 with 190 votes
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Average rating
3.95 with 190 votes
You can rate this product only if you own it