1. I have transferred money but didn’t get my purchase, what can I do?

    First of all, re-login to game. If you still can't see your purchase, please contact Customer support.
  2. I see prices in a foreign currency, what do i do?

    Regional prices in our shop are availabe if you regularly live in that country and use bank cards, that are issued to this country (with a local currency bank account). If you still can't see prices for your region, you are probably logging into the account via a VPN or using turbo mode in your browser. If the problem persists, please contact Customer support.
  3. Can I purchase the same vehicle pack twice?

    No, it's not allowed. Multiple purchases are allowed only for Golden Eagles and Premium Account.

  4. What happens if I purchase the pack which contains a vehicle I already own?

    It's possible that different packs will contain the same vehicle. You will still get Golden Eagles and/or Premium Account from this pack. There is no compensation for the vehicles you already own.

  5. When I purchase several packs, do the Golden Eagles and Premium Account stack?

    Yes, they do.

  6. When does a Premium Account start to expire?

    If you purchase the pack in the store which contains Premium Account, it will start to expire upon your first login to the game, not immediately after purchase. But if you were in the game during purchase, your premium time will be updated automatically. If this didn’t happen, re-login.

  7. What is the refund policy of the Gaijin.net store?

    When making purchases, you agree to our Terms of Use which states that payments for acquiring a license to use virtual items are non-refundable. The only exception are technical issues - for example, if your credit card was charged twice for the same transaction. If that happens, please contact Customer support.

  8. How do the "bundles" work?

    A bundle is a collection of several packs with a discount. The final price depends on whether you already have one or more of the packs. If you do, then their value is deducted from the bundle price (they are shown as strikethrough in the list) where discount is applied to whatever sum remains. Upon purchase you will get the vehicles, a sum of Golden Eagles and Premium Account from those packs that weren’t deducted from the bundle price. Note - owning only the vehicle or vehicles from one of the packs is not counted towards price deduction. You have to own the whole pack (with Golden Eagles and/or Premium Account) which is included in the bundle. You can check this in your purchase history.

  9. Why are prices in euro and dollars identical while the values of these currencies are not the same?

    Actually, prices differ, since EU prices include VAT: "Value added tax (VAT) is a general tax on consumption applied to commercial activities involving the production and distribution of goods and the provision of services. This VAT Directive codifies the provisions governing the introduction of the common system of VAT in the European Union (EU)".

  10. How can I use promo-code (bonus key)?

    Some content can be obtained by entering a special sequence of characters at this page. For example, you can get a promotional code at a game show or from hardware bundles from our partners. Attention! Before activating the key, please make sure that you have logged in under the account for which you want to get this content.

  11. What is GJN and how do I get them?

    GJN is an in-game currency that can be used to pay through the store and on the Gaijin market. You can get GJN by selling various rare items obtained in the game on the Gaijin market. You can also purchase GJN by replenishing your balance on this page. Note! The price of 1 GJN is equal to 1$/1€ and is automatically calculated, depending on the current value of your local currency. The price of store items in GJN is equal to the item's price in USD/EUR, and it doesn't depend on the price of the item in your local currency.

  12. How can I make purchases through Steam Wallet?

    If you have War Thunder installed in Steam, launch the game and click on the Golden Eagles menu whilst in the hangar and you will be able to purchase them in the Steam browser. You can also click “order” on store-only premium vehicles in the research trees and purchase packs via the Steam Wallet.

  13. Can I buy items here if I’m a PlayStation or Xbox user?

    In this store, you can only purchase Golden Eagles for a PlayStation or Xbox account. The vehicle packs and bundles are available only for Windows, Mac and Linux users. If you are a PlayStation/Xbox player - you have to make such purchases from the PlayStation Store/Microsoft Store.

  14. Sending and receiving gifts

    • You can buy an unlimited number of gifts for your friends and other users;
    • In order to send and receive gifts, you must have two-step authentication enabled;
    • You can only send a gift to a user in the same currency that you use yourself;
    • You cannot buy a gift for a user who already owns this pack;
    • You cannot buy a gift for a PSN, Xbox One accounts;
    • DMM users in Japan can only send gifts to DMM Japanese players;
    • This payment method is not available for Steam versions of games;
    • You cannot purchase store items for other players using Gaijin Coins.
    • Gift purchase with a bank card, PayPal or DMM points is possible only on a condition that account was used to make purchases in our store https://store.gaijin.net/ during previous 12 months.
    • Gift purchases with a bank card, PayPal or DMM points are possible only for accounts which have never had any recalled purchases.
    • Using a bank card, PayPal or DMM points you can make a gift purchase with an amount not exceeding total value of all your purchases for that account within last 12 months.