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Galactic standards

1500 Galactic Standards


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Galactic Standards are used as a universal and well—recognized currency to buy unique products and services in the universe of Star Conflict. With Galactic Standards progression in the game will be easier and more comfortable. With Galactic Standards you can:
  • Buy Premium ships. These ships provide pilots with more credits and synergy;
  • Buy Premium Ammunition and additional devices;
  • Exchange them for credits;
  • Transfer synergy. The accumulated elite ship synergy can be converted into free synergy;
  • Buy additional combat slots;
  • Purchase additional crew slots;
  • Improve modules;
  • Get additional Iridium out of upgrade kits;
  • Create and expand a corporation;
  • Customize ship appearance. Purchase colouring schemes and decals;
  • Change pilot callsign, buy portraits and taunt phrases.

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