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Appearance customization kit “Raptor”


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This pack includes

  • Appearance customization kit “Raptor”

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CK “Raptor”

When it comes to high speed, the Lunatics are the first who come to mind. But every rule has its exceptions. For example, “Wyvern” built by the Nomads. Maybe that's why the unknown artisan re-built this cabin in the style of the Lunatics. And now, not even Ulysses himself can recognize a single part! The end result is a dangerous and vicious cabin. A perfect fit for the predators hunting in well-coordinated groups in the Wasteland.

Recently, converted versions of cabins have started surfacing on the market. They look very unusual, but the original prototypes are not that hard to guess. The trader who supplies the Wasteland with the new products, refuses to say which craftsman decided to undertake such a feat. Initially, the converted cabins showed clear traces of the Lunatic style. And those particularly interested in unraveling this mystery even managed to find some poor wretch and tried to quiz him on how he managed to repurpose so many cabins. But around the same time, new models appeared on the market, this time reminiscent of the Nomads or even Dawn's Children. Consequently, the investigation hit a wall, and the mysterious craftsman working on the cabins remains unknown.

Note! Available only for Windows. You can't activate this item for the PSN or Xbox Live account.

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