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Appearance customization kit “Wunderbar”


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This pack includes

  • Appearance customization kit “Wunderbar”

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CK “Wunderbar”

Until recently, no one really knew where the Firestarters got their “Bat” cabins from. And then the other day, according to the trader with all the fresh stuff, his scouts came across a warehouse where they found plenty of cabins, similar to the “Bat”. And they looked much more decent in their metal shell. Like brand new! The early bird that gets the worm. After all, no one was found in the abandoned warehouse. There was just a skeleton sitting next to the cabins. Judging by its barely legible records, he collected them back in the times of some Great War or something. Which proves the popular theory that even before the catastrophe, genius engineers walked the earth.

Recently, converted versions of cabins have started surfacing on the market. They look very unusual, but the original prototypes are not that hard to guess. The trader who supplies the Wasteland with the new products, refuses to say which craftsman decided to undertake such a feat. Initially, the converted cabins showed clear traces of the Lunatic style. And those particularly interested in unraveling this mystery even managed to find some poor wretch and tried to quiz him on how he managed to repurpose so many cabins. But around the same time, new models appeared on the market, this time reminiscent of the Nomads or even Dawn's Children. Consequently, the investigation hit a wall, and the mysterious craftsman working on the cabins remains unknown.

Note! Available only for Windows. You can't activate this item for the PSN or Xbox Live account.

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