Crossout - "Arsonist" Pack
Red Hot

Once upon a time, Red Hot had a name that was not so terrible, he performed in a fire show and was the most enthusiastic artist in his group. But the all-consuming passion for fire and carelessness cost him his career, and his partner's life. After this incident, he vowed never to handle fire again.

But after the disaster everything started spinning like poi at a show. The ability to deftly and effectively manage the fire element gained Red Hot respect among Lunatics. And soon he was promoted to an Arsonist. He changed his name and image to Red Hot, put on frightening war paint and sat behind the wheel of an insane craft, which he found on the set of some B-movie.

Now he loves to saw and burn all those who are disliked by Firestarters, and he tries not try to remember the broken oath and the old friend.What an upstanding guy!

Unique cabin: ‘Cerberus’ of epic rarity. ‘Cerberus’ cabin is a survivor's best friend. It understands everything, but just can't say it. Guts enemies in melee, as if it has three mouths.

  • Unique vehicles presented in bundles have particularly well-balanced weapons, high armor quality and speed in combat.

  • When you purchase this pack, the number of parts that can be used to build a vehicle increases. Attention! Storage overflow is possible under certain conditions.

  • Purchasing a pack now additionally gives the player early access to some structural faction parts. These parts will become available immediately upon purchase and are not re-issued once the corresponding reputation level is reached. For some parts you can only have one set of them on the account. When purchasing multiple packs with same parts they do not stack!

  • Unique portraits are a great opportunity to stand out among the survivors.

  • Paint cans are great for making your cars look truly outstanding

  • Coins - is an in-game currency, which is used to buy vehicle parts from other users in the market and to pay the rent for the workbench to produce new parts. Note! If you purchase several packs, coins included in them stack!
  • Available only for Windows. You can't activate this item for the PSN or Xbox Live account, or the mobile version.

    To put the car in the garage, after starting the game, open the blueprint menu, go to the 'Packs' tab, select the desired armoured car and press the 'Assemble' button.

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    This pack includes
    • Unique armored car ‘Wild Fire’ on augers
    • Weapons — two shotguns ‘Junkbow’
    • Unique cabin: ‘Cerberus’ of epic rarity
    • Early access to structural parts of the ‘Firestarters’ faction
    • Unique hero portrait: “Red Hot”
    • A unique paint can: Fire Salamander of relic rarity
    • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 60
    • Unique sticker: Capricorn
    • 3800 in-game coins
    Average rating
    3.12 with 17 votes
    You can rate this product only if you own it
    Average rating
    3.12 with 17 votes
    You can rate this product only if you own it