Crossout - "Steel Shield" Pack
Lieutenant Mitchell

Life in the Wasteland has taken its toll on Mitchell. Dozens of years had passed since he replaced his father at the controls of his trusty tank. All this time he has remained faithful to his principle — to never attack first — despite the fact that it’s dangerous to follow it in the Wasteland. Old Mitch found himself on the brink of life and death more than once, and his tank was repaired so often that it no longer looked like its old self neither inside nor outside. One thing remained unchanged — the steel will of the defender of the innocents, returning to action after every wound and always ready to lead as many people away from danger as possible.

  • When you purchase this pack, the number of parts that can be used to build a vehicle increases up to 65. Attention! Storage overflow is possible under certain conditions.
  • Buying the pack also gives early access to several structural parts. Some parts are unique and can only exist in a single copy.
  • Unique portraits provide an excellent opportunity to stand out among the survivors.
  • Paint cans are a way to make your armored car different from the pack.
  • Coins — is the in-game currency, which is used on the market to purchase armoured car parts from other survivors and to pay for the rent of part-building workbenches. Attention! When buying multiple packs, the acquired coins stack!

Available only for Windows. You can't activate this item for the PSN or Xbox Live account, or the mobile version.

To put the car in the garage, after starting the game, open the blueprint menu, go to the 'Packs' tab, select the desired armoured car and press the 'Assemble' button.

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This pack includes
  • Armoured car: “Mark XO”
  • Unique tracks of epic rarity: “Goliath” (2 pcs.)
  • Weapons: frontal machine gun of special rarity “M-25 Guardian” and epic cannon “Executioner 88mm”
  • Cabin: “Jawbreaker”
  • Character portrait: “Old fellow Mitch”
  • Unique hologram
  • Unique paint can “Protective cover”
  • New sticker: “Eagle and shield”
  • Early access to a new structural part: “King of birds”
  • Unique background and logo for profile customization
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 65
  • 3400 in-game coins
Average rating
2.6 with 5 votes
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Average rating
2.6 with 5 votes
You can rate this product only if you own it