Star Conflict - Irbis
Federation tackler Irbis

Irbis is the latest fighter of the “Fortress” shipyard, designed for the security needs of the Armada’s corporate security and police forces. The development process was based on the experience of the previous generation of ships in this role, allowing the engineers to create a tackler without any apparent flaws.

The ObEC-7A onboard equipment system allows Irbis to effectively track small enemy interceptors. A new special ODG “Tarantula” module provides the pilot with the ability to severely weaken the enemy, facilitating their subsequent elimination.

Currently, a contract has been signed between the Fortress Shipyard and UMC for the supply of Irbis. The first ships received are already being used by mercenaries to escort VIPs and to destroy lone pirates. According to the manufacturer’s shipyard management, the fighter is also suitable for conventional combat.

  • When purchasing multiple DLCs, the time for premium licenses is cumulative.
  • Identical packages can not be activated on the same account twice!
  • Identical ships from different purchased bundles are not compensated!
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This pack includes
  • Federation tackler Irbis. Rank 17
  • Blaster weapon “Barred owl”
  • Modifier “Active repairs system”
  • Unique portrait “Leo Ardente”
  • Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!
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Average rating
5 with 1 votes
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