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Star Conflict - Jericho destroyer «Archon»


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This pack includes

  • Rank 8 Jericho destroyer “Archon”;
  • Unique destroyer weapon: Coilgun;
  • Special weapons for suppressor destroyers: Multiphase shield, Gravitational lens, Photon emitter, “Tempest” launcher.
  • Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 7 days!

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Archon destroyer was first used in a battle with Aliens in the year 4616 by the Mendes family. The appearance of the prototype on the battlefield caused heated debate. The destroyer's design was too reminiscent of the work of the great master Arthur Liu, who died in the crash of “Monolith”. The surviving members of the Liu family accused Mendes of theft. However, the Family Council, struck by the power of the destroyer, did not listen to them. Following the demarche of the Mendes family and their exile to quarantine sectors, Archon became the basis for the strike power of their fleet.

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