Star Conflict - Jericho destroyer «Tyrant»

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The first Jericho Destroyer, Tyrant was created in the XLII century, shortly before the third war for the Bartle sector. It was created under the watchful eye of the Oracles, as a response to the imperial Invincible. The powerful Tyrant was used in conjunction with small vessels during raids on unprotected colonies deep in the rear of the former Direktorium. Despite the considerable age of this destroyer, in most parameters it is not inferior to modern models, and in some ways even surpasses them.

Unique destroyer weapon - “Thermoactive weapon”.

Critical hit chance increases as the weapons heat up.

Unique destroyer module - “Isotope Harvester”.

A special drone generates a field with a radius of 500 m. The drone begins to move toward the destroyer at a given speed, dealing damage to all opponents who enter the field. The damage is higher when the enemies are closer to the drone. Upon arrival to the ship, the drone restores the shield in proportion to the damage dealt.

Shield modifier “Warp stream detector”.

With the death of an enemy in a radius of 2000 m. the destroyer's shield is partially restored.

  • When purchasing multiple DLCs, the time for premium licenses is cumulative.
  • Identical packages can not be activated on the same account twice!
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This pack includes
  • Tyrant destroyer (Jericho, rank 14)
  • Unique destroyer weapon - “Thermoactive weapon”
  • Unique destroyer module - “Isotope Harvester”
  • Shield modifier “Warp stream detector”
  • Active modules “Photon emitter”, “Gravitational lens”
  • “Gzhel” colouring scheme
  • Premium license for 7 days
Average rating
4.17 with 6 votes
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Average rating
4.17 with 6 votes
You can rate this product only if you own it