Star Conflict - Joker
Jericho frigate “Joker”

Joker is a pirate modification of the ship Lynx Mk ll. These fighters were first seen in 4612 during an attack on the passenger airliner “Galileo’s Comet”. The Armada squads destroyed the attackers and all the scientists received was the wreckage of the ships. After analyzing the parts of Joker, it was decided to capture the ship’s operational prototype.

During another attack, the Armada’s reconnaissance cruiser cut off all escape routes for the pirates, forcing them to surrender to the authorities. The marauder commander destroyed his ship along with himself, in order to avoid falling into the hands of the military. Having inspected the Joker, the engineers found a lot of interesting features. Original engines were removed and replaced with bulky, but effective energy-storage chambers, and the main guns were moved for the higher energy supply. Soon many UMC mercenaries will be using Joker in battles against much stronger opponents.

In 4621, ECN engineers decided to further refine the Joker. The engines have been improved once again and the power system has been completely replaced. Serious improvements were made to the onboard electronic equipment complex. In this regard, the ship’s classification rank was upgraded to an acceptable value.

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This pack includes
  • Enhanced modification of the rank 15 ship “Joker”
  • Unique portrait “Commander Jocund”
  • Weapon “Plasmer 17” - can be installed only on the “Joker” ship
  • Active module “Thermal repulsor 17” - can be installed only on the “Joker” ship
  • Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!
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Average rating
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