Star Conflict - Seeress


In 4612, the Emperor issued a decree to start the development of a new reconnaissance ship for the Wardens. In order to have access to operational information and resources, the project was conducted in one of the secret laboratories near the Frontier. In 4616, the project was frozen due to the threat of infection, the laboratory was sealed, the data was transferred to a special technological vault, and the staff was evacuated.

In 4619, Ironside, with the help of his analysts, was able to discover the existence of a Warden technology cache on the “southern” border of the region under his control. The cache was successfully opened, and its contents included the development of a reconnaissance ship codenamed Seeress. Using scientific and industrial capacities, the Ironside Empire finalized the ship by the beginning of 4621.

During the first combat mission, the pilot of Seeress successfully infiltrated RSW territory, destroyed a guard post, and collected reconnaissance data, which was later sold to Sparta. The ship proved to be excellent for espionage purposes. Using industrial capacities, Ironside began the mass production of Seeress in 4622, and in 4623 he offered a contract to the UMC. According to its terms, the shipyards of the Ironside Empire will produce simplified versions of the Seeress with an expanded cargo hold for mercenaries. Preference is given to those mercenaries who assisted the Ironside’s projects, but rumours suggest that money can eventually solve this issue as well.

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This pack includes
  • Empire rank 16 recon interceptor “Seeress”
  • Active module “Spatial faults generator”
  • Weapon “Plasma inductor”
  • Unique portrait «Christoffel Carnot»
  • Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!
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