Star Conflict - Shark

Shark type ships were first spotted attacking imperial convoys in 4610. For a long time, the Legion soldiers were unable to obtain an operational version of the fighter. For unknown reasons, the pirates preferred to destroy the Shark along with themselves if they were threatened with hijacking the ship.

Soon, the excellent work of Imperial Intelligence made it possible to establish the production site for the Shark, which turned out to be a modification of Prometheus. The fate of the “Black Aurora Flame” pirate fort was sealed. All the seized documentation was researched and classified, and the ships were sent to the Guardian-17 vaults. After a few years, the management of the station decided to transfer the ships to the UMC.

Recently, the UMC again turned their attention to the Shark. The engineers the ship to be obsolete and unable to compete with other fighters. Thus, it was decided to completely update the internal systems of the Shark, as well as to reinforce its armor. The redesigned reactor significantly increased the energy output, and the additional composite armor gives the Shark the opportunity to stand on par with the best fighters of the Empire. In this regard, the ship’s classification rank was upgraded.

  • When purchasing multiple DLCs, the time for premium licenses is cumulative.
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This pack includes
  • Upgraded pirate modification of the rank 15 “Shark” fighter
  • Unique portrait “Jimmy the Shark”
  • Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!
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Average rating
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