Star Conflict - Shrike
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In 4620, business angels from a subsidiary organization of Undock Unlimited invested a large sum in Boson Shipyard, one of the IDR shipyards. The concept behind the Boson Shipyard implied the development of a cover frigate using advanced technology. The Undock Unlimited did not really expect the strange-looking ship with an odd configuration to be successful, but an opportunity to discover the shortcomings of their own and others’ developments in practice was enough of an interest for the megacorporation.

By 4622, a prototype frigate with a code name “Shrike” had been developed. The first tests failed due to the insufficient transmission capacity of the ship’s power cables in combination with its powerful iridium reactor. The project was about to be scrapped, but the Blackwood corporation offered to help. They proposed using one of Ariadne’s clusters to calculate a more efficient design.

Boson Shipyard enthusiastically accepted the offer, and after the revision performed by Ariadne, the “Shrike” ship performed at the level of modern cover frigates. Instead of the usual phase shield, the ship was fitted with a unique special module that creates a plasma field around the ship and pours energy into it to the point of reaching instability. The collapse of the plasma field at this point causes massive electromagnetic damage to all targets in the vicinity.

In 4623, Boson tested and refined a new engine, shield generator, armoured plating and comfort+ life support system for the ship. In early 4624, they began development of a heavy thermal cannon, scheduled for release along with the ship. But during the testing of the weapon, it was discovered that it would be much more effective to repurpose the cannon and make it produce electromagnetic effects on enemy shields and hulls.

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This pack includes
  • Rank 17 Federation cover frigate Shrike
  • Unique weapon Hybrid blaster “Alpha-N”
  • Active module “Universal repair module”
  • Unique portrait «Rahil “Coin” Weintraub portrait»
  • Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!
  • The owners of this pack will be given access to the closed testing of the combat system of a new online game with the working title “Project Void Space”
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