Star Conflict - Typhon
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Empire gunship “Typhon”

When the New Empire was cut off from the high-tech shipyards of the Solar system, it needed the ability to produce analogues of modern Warden ships and keep up with the pace of production for deliveries to the parts of the Legion under its control. A new shipyard in Skif-3 orbit was under construction from 4617 to 4620, and its goals were the design and implementation of the latest fleet and weapons.

The first brainchild of the new shipyard was “Typhon”, which was not very beautiful, but which was effective. Bold design decisions allowed the novelty to survive in unbelievable conditions, as well as multiply its firepower for short periods of time. In 4620 Typhon successfully passed the tests and the first batches of the new fleet model were delivered to the Legion.

Typhon received its baptism of fire when it encountered a predator: the ship found itself face-to-face with an Alien during a test flight. The use of innovative technology allowed the ship’s hull to withstand several shots fired by the alien and then destroy the crystallid using training ammunition.

However, the ship was still too expensive for mass production, so the tribute decided to sell the blueprints of the new ship to the UMC, and the profit from this deal was used for the further development of the shipyard.

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This pack includes
  • Empire rank 17 gunship “Typhon”
  • Active module “Emergency reboot”
  • Weapon “Langmuir launcher”
  • Unique portrait «Kolhis»
  • Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!
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Average rating
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