Star Conflict - Wasp
Empire recon interceptor “Wasp”

The Imperial forces, from their very formation, have placed great emphasis on conducting effective long-range reconnaissance. Wasp has become one of the Legion’s ambitious projects in this direction.

It was developed in 3932 primarily for movement and observation in high radiation areas, but was equipped with additional armour after being tested in the field. The interceptor was equipped with more sensitive sensors than its other military equivalents. The cockpit has also been modified to allow the pilot to stay inside the ship for longer periods of time. Only the best pilots of the Legion were given the right to pilot the Wasp.

The war against the rebels of the Alliance of Free Worlds became the Wasp’s baptism of fire. Being located in areas inaccessible to rebel ships, the Legion pilots intercepted communications channels, transmitting the information to imperial headquarters.

The interceptor is currently used by young mercenaries during research and travel, and some use their own ship as bait when fighting pirates. Despite its venerable age, Wasp remains to be a menacing ship. Many ships are being modernized at the UMC shipyard. As a result, Wasp becomes an unpleasant surprise for those who seek easy prey.

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This pack includes
  • Improved version of the Empire rank 13 recon interceptor “Wasp”
  • Special module “Microwarp engine Wasp”
  • Active module “Ghost camo system”
  • Weapon “Draccar nanobot colony”
  • Unique portrait «Jimmy Ryder»
  • Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!
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