T-55AM-1 Pack
Tank T-55AM-1

The T-55AM-1 is a modified version of the T-55, developed by soviet engineers in the mid 80’s. Distinctive features on this model are increased hull and turret protection, an upgraded fire-control system with laser rangefinder. Also, the tank is supplied with a ‘Tucha’ smoke grenade launch system and ‘Bastion’ ATGM system, with missiles that can penetrate up to 600 mm of armor. As a result of all the improvements, the battle mass of a tank reached 41.5 tons, so a more powerful 690 hp engine was installed, allowing the maximum speed to reach 50 km/h. The main armament of this tank is 100 mm gun with a two-point stabilizer, which can fire standard shells and ATGM’s. The secondary armament consists of a 12.7 mm DShKM AA machine gun and a coaxial 7.62 mm gun.

Premium bonuses

All premium vehicles allow you to earn increased Research Points and Silver Lions and comes furnished with all available modifications.

Compensation is not provided if you purchase 2 different packs which include the same vehicle or you already have the vehicle from this pack! Available for Linux, Windows and Mac only. You can't activate this item for the PSN or Xbox Live account.

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This pack includes
  • T-55AM-1
  • 2000 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 15 days
Average rating
3.94 with 975 votes
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Average rating
3.94 with 975 votes
You can rate this product only if you own it
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