Tornado IDS WTD 61 Pack
Tornado IDS WTD 61

Tornado IDS is a multi-role fighter-bomber developed in the late 1970s through collaboration between the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. Designed to fulfill the roles of a strategic bomber and to support ground forces, Tornado IDS features a variable-sweep wing, allowing for optimization of its aerodynamic characteristics based on the mission. The standard armament of Tornado IDS includes a twin-barreled 27mm BK27 cannon with a magazine capacity of 360 rounds. Additionally, the fighter is armed with two AIM-9L air-to-air guided missiles. For ground attacks, it is equipped with 12 Mk.83 bombs and 12 Mk.83 AIR air-to-ground assault bombs. To effectively counter airborne threats, the aircraft is equipped with chaff and flare dispensers, totaling 56 charges. Additionally, Tornado IDS is fitted with two external fuel tanks, extending the aircraft's airborne endurance.

Premium bonuses

All premium vehicles allow you to earn increased Research Points and Silver Lions and come furnished with all available modifications.

Compensation is not provided if you purchase 2 different packs which include the same vehicle or you already have the vehicle from this pack! Available for Linux, Windows and Mac only. You can't activate this item for the PSN or Xbox Live account.

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This pack includes
  • Tornado IDS WTD 61
  • Premium account for 20 days
  • 2500 Golden Eagles
Average rating
3.62 with 210 votes
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Average rating
3.62 with 210 votes
You can rate this product only if you own it